You're Engaged! Now What?

Yay!Today I saw a question pop onto my Twitter timeline, “What advice would you give a newly engaged friend?” As a wedding planner, I have millions nuggets I can share with just engaged brides. But here’s a couple that I’d suggest

  • Take a moment to ‘BE’ in the moment: You just got ENGAGED; which is a huge freaking deal! You should be basking in the ambiance of your new relationship status.; instead of going mini bridezilla. So, why not slow down before you break out the latest issued of Martha Stewart Weddings. Take a week or two to soak up the all the oohs and awes your shiny new accessory will be getting. There will be time to make that bridal binder you’ve been mentally organizing but for now just enjoy this momentous milestone!
  • Pause before updating your Facebook Status: Engagement news should be broken delicately to those closest to you. Think of how you’d feel if your sister or BFF of a lifetime woke up to your ‘He Put a Ring On It’ in their Facebook newsfeed. No bueno. So before posting/tweeting or instagramming your relationship status, make sure the special and dear people in your life heard the news straight from you first…and not Facebook.

Those are the 2 pieces of advice I’d give to newly engaged couples. But I’m interested in what you would say to someone who’s just gotten engaged?