Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner


Wedding-Advice-Beauty-and-the-details-New-York-Wedding-Planner The other day, my husband came home with a box of blueberries and raspberries. When I saw the box, I immediately knew what it meant; that it was time to make my Summer Berry Tart. I'd have gladly made it, except, he neglected to bring the other ingredients such as the milk, butter and sugar. Oh, and let's not forget the flour. This is typical of my husband, especially when he hints to me to make his favorite dish or dessert! He'll buy the key limes, but not the condensed milk. The apples, and not the crust. The spaghetti, but not the meat (let alone the sauce).

This is similar to couples as they journey down the wedding planning aisle. They have the main ingredient of their wedding day vision, but they sometimes forget (or simply don't know) the details that create the vision. Such as, wanting a floral wall for the reception, but forgetting the amount of time, effort, and costs it takes to create one. Or, loving the idea of rosemary tied napkins, but not loving the idea of paying for the time and labor to individually hand wrap 200 napkins with rosemary.

The same happens as couples begin to think on whether or not they need a wedding planner. You will think you only need a day of coordinator to cover 'just the day of'! But, as it turns out, you also need the advice and counsel of a planner when meeting with florists, doing a venue walk through, and collaborating with the photographer, make up artists and hair stylist on the pre-ceremony timeline. How do you suppose a 'Day of Coordinator' can do ALL of that on JUST the day of?

A wedding planner, like Beauty and the Details, has the knowledge of what goes into planning a wedding day. That is why I partner with you early on in the planning process, to guide you along each decision, ensuring that every detail is curated to match the vision you have in mind. And it's not just flowers, and decor. As a wedding planner, I also advise on how your wedding day flows to create a memorable experience for you and your guests. I'm also behind the scenes, the days leading up and on your wedding day dealing with berating guests, and rogue DJ's, so that you don't have to.

Like trying to make a berry tart, with only the berries, it's impossible to thoughtfully and logistically coordinate a wedding day as a Day of Coordinator. And is why you should hire Beauty and the Details, because I know the ingredients needed to make your wedding day vision into a reality.