What's In Your Emergency Kit?


Can I confess something? I didn't bring an emergency kit to the last wedding I did. My floriend (that's florist friend combined) was so kind to let me dip into hers, but I never wanted to be in that situation again. It is such a relief to have my emergency kit. I feel ready knowing that with toiletries and tools in tow (say that fast 10 times) I'll be ready to face ANYTHING (well, almost anything). Sinking heels? SoleMates! Oily face? Blotting sheets (or torn pieces of Starbucks napkins). Bee sting? Benadryl!

Emergency Kit

But seriously, there are some things that you can't get from an emergency kit. Like, knowing how to tie a bow tie. Or, being quick enough to rearrange a program when a guest is late. Sometimes, there will be an emergency situation that can not be fixed with something in a box. These things take a certain amount of attention and care to really 'fix it' and keep the show moving.

Kaboodle and toolkit in tow.