In Your Shoes: Setting a ‘Realistic’ Wedding Budget!

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Happy New Year!

Judging by the inquiries in my mailbox, a lot of you have gotten engaged over the holiday! (Congratulations!)

So now that the ‘just engaged’ bliss has faded, reality has set and it’s time to plan a wedding. But where do you begin? Everyone and their mama (mine too!) says you begin with ‘The Budget”. But Beauty and the Details says to begin with a ‘Realistic’ budget.

What’s the difference?

I wish someone had told me this when I started planning my wedding. Because many couples begin with the number they’re comfortable spending, that is their threshold. It’s from there that they base much of their decisions when choosing vendors. That’s fine, until reality sets in.

For example, let’s say you have $20,000 to spend on your wedding. The budget allocations will go as follows:

  • Ceremony and Reception (Venues only, no Food) = 50% = $10,000
  • Photography = 10% = $2,000
  • Music and Entertainment = 10% = $2,000
  • Flowers and Décor = 10% = $2,000
  • Other stuff I don’t want to break out = 20% = $4,000

If I surveyed all my New York Bride’s budget breakouts, theirs would not come close to what I listed above. At least, not the average 150+ guest count weddings. Not saying there aren’t ways to make that work; I’ll show you very soon.

Starting with a realistic budget means doing some research; do your homework. By collecting a few estimates, you’ll be able to set your budget based on realistic findings. For instance, you’ll learn that in order to spend $10,000 on venues AND food, you’d have to shorten your guest list, and change the day and time of your wedding (been there, done that). Otherwise, you’ll have to adjust the allocations to $15,000 in those three areas.

If you’re still having trouble with figuring out your budget, or just need a little help from someone who’s already done the leg work, then we should talk.