Wedding Wednesday: The Metropolitan MOD Shoot


Why hello there! The past couple of weeks have been INSANE! But in a good way! I have many surprises and good news to share. One of them being a special project that’s been on my heart the past year!

From the beginning of Beauty and the Details, I’ve done 2 styled wedding shoots (which isn't a lot in this industry). Let me be the first to say, doing a styled shoot is FUN! But it’s a huge investment for all involved. That’s why I’ve limited my involvement with them (a decision that has paid off). But I’ve always had in my heart the desire to style a workshop for wedding industry professional (be it calligraphy, floral, photography). This is something I’ve wanted to do since starting Beauty and the Details, but I’ve NEVER shared this wish with ANYONE!

Well, that all changed in December when I came into an opportunity to style The Westchester Wedding Planner’s upcoming MOD Shoot at no other place than The Metropolitan Building! (#Goals!). The Metropolitan MOD Shoot will allow wedding photographers to come and network while refining their talents and enhancing their portfolio with work from a luxuriously styled shoot. This opportunity will allow wedding photographers to create and capture beautiful images against the backdrop of tablescapes designed by yours truly; and a variety of other stations as well!

I’m in my element brainstorming tablescape ideas and sourcing the materials with TWWP publisher, Aida Krgin. Wedding design is my creative outlet and I can’t wait for photographer friends to capture what we come up with and showcase it to you all!

If you are a wedding photographer and wish to attend, here’s the link for more informationa dn to reserve your spot (if any are left!): Metropolitan MOD Shoot.

Until next time! Renae (XOXO!)