Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Hannah Stoney, Yellowstone Paperworks


Hello There! I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Hannah from Yellow Stone Paper Works. I came across her profile via twitter, and loved her work! A tweet and email later, Hannah gladly accepted the interview.

After learning about Hannah and her work, she’s definitely a vendor I’ll recommend to any couple wanting a personal approach to their wedding stationery. As a former bride, I love it when couples go ‘bespoke’ for their wedding details and the wedding invitation is the perfect chance for couples to show their personality. See why,

Tell us about your self?

I'm Hannah Stoney. I am a designer based in the Midlands of England and I paint bespoke Wedding Stationery.

How did you start YellowStone Paper Works?

I opened my own store almost 4 years ago, selling my own artwork along with other British artist’s work. Everything is handmade and beautiful! As we gained a loyal customer base, and I gained a reputation as a painter, I had couples approach me to design their invitations. I designed the first set around 2 years ago and then people kept asking and I kept saying yes. It happened very organically and I'm so glad it did- I absolutely love it!

How is YellowStone Paper Works different than other wedding stationery companies?

I think I come at the design aspect in a different way to most Wedding companies, as I'm a designer in my own right, who knew very little about Weddings. I'm not engaged or married so I tend to focus on the design aspect of stationery without getting swept up in trends. Clients, who like my style of painting, come to me for something fresh and different. And I plan on continuing to stay true to my style. I have to admit I have become more interested in Weddings over the years now. Mainly, how different they are and how couples really are breaking all the 'rules' which I LOVE.

What unique services or products do you offer to brides?

Everything on my invitations is hand painted. I don't use any 'stock' design so it's all completely unique. 95% of what I do is also bespoke to the couple, who then own that design so it's completely theirs. It makes guests super excited for the wedding and gives them hints of what to expect. I often help organise the venue with Seating Plans, signs, place names and other finishing touches to bring all the details together.

Do you offer digital products?

No. In short, I learnt the hard way and was taken for a ride by some clients, early on in my career. So now I stick to my guns and insist that I arrange all the printing and can see my designs completed.

When a bride thinks of bespoke wedding stationery, multiple dollar signs come to mind. What does Yellowstone Paper Works have the budget conscious bride? 

Like I mentioned, I come from a retail background so I am realistic with my pricing. I quote on individual jobs, so if there is a tight budget, I will talk to the couple about what their dreams would be and how much of that I can do within budget. There are often small corners we can cut to keep costs down but designs perfect.

What is the YellowStone experience like for brides? (from the initial email to final product?) 

I'm very honest and realistic with my work, so I brides and grooms will always know where they stand. I send them sneak peeks and there are several chances to alter and tweak designs so I try and involve couples as much as they'd like to be involved. I do everything myself too, so they never have to deal with other members of staff who aren't sure who they are. It's just me!

What’s some advice you’d give to couples seeking bespoke wedding invitations?

Before you start searching around, have an idea of quantities, sizes and what your day will be. When you find the stationer who suits your day, it’ll just click as if they’re from your Pinterest board. I think it’s important to trust and like you stationer too. It’s such a personal design job that they need to find someone on their wavelength. If a stationer is too expensive or not quite the style you’re after, show them what you do want and ask if they can recommend someone else.

What wedding stationery trends are you noticing for 2015? 

I don’t really know! My couples are tending to have invitations that represent them as a couple and what their day will ‘feel like’ rather than specific themes. Most of the couples I work with don’t have a strict colour scheme either which I think is liberating. I think if you’re influenced too much by trends, then a Wedding can lose its identity. So my advice is, if you both love something but it’s not ‘on trend’- who cares? It’s your day, so make it yours.

To learn more about Hannah and Yellowstone Paperworks, you can go to her website, here, and follow them on Twitter @YellowstonePW


Yellowstone's Concertina wedding stationery suite


Yellowstone's Green Tree wedding stationery suite