Wedding Planning Advice: Summer Weddings


Is it me, or are you also happy that Summer has FINALLY arrived to New York? 15 days ago it was cloudy and cold degrees during an early May wedding, and now break out the Tory Burch sandals and summer dresses! I’m not going to complain, because I absolutely love it :-) , but I will share some advice for you summer brides and grooms that’ll keep your guests happy and cool! (pun intended).

  1. If you have a lot of out of town guests, arrange for transportation to and from your wedding venue(s), or make it as easy as possible for them to access transportation. I know in this digital age we tend to brush this concern away with the thought of Ubers and Lyfts, but trust me, it’s not that simple. The majority of your out of town guests (especially the elderly ones) require transportation to be arranged at the end of your event, and their concerns will not be quieted at the response of ‘order an Uber’. To get ahead of this, either arrange for a shuttle service (have 2 shuttle buses leave 2- minutes apart) OR provide an information card to your out of town guests with the numbers to 3-5 local car services.
  2. Having an outdoor wedding? Think ahead and offer fans, or mini umbrellas so that a few guests can shade and cool themselves from the brutal sun.
  3. Speaking of heat, it’s a very nice to offer a cool and refreshing drink as guests arrive to your wedding ceremony. This could be glasses of champagne (chilled, of course), or something as simple (and sweet) at ice tea.
  4. Advise your guests to wear light colors and fabrics, remember, the sun is attracted to dark colors. Otherwise they’ll definitely ‘Feel The Bern’ but not in a positive way :-)

Was this advice helpful, or is there another tip you’d like to add?