Vendor to Vendor: Don't Fight with the Bride


It's July and PEAK Wedding Season! I'm 1 week fresh from a BEAUTIFUL Miami wedding and am gearing up for another wedding weekend (yikes!). While in Miami, I was the Matron of Honor for my cousin's wedding; and I LOVED every moment of it. As her Matron of Honor, I decided NOT to coordinate her wedding day, for reasons that I'll leave for another post. But mostly because I NEEDED to be there for her emotionally (as well as mentally and physically) on her wedding day. Renae, the Matron of Honor, needed to be present as she shared a special thought about a loved one that no one would have known!  Renae, the Wedding Planner, would have missed that moment. So, MATRON over Planner, any day!

However, there was never a moment when my planner hat was never on! (Like adding up the costs of transportation and weighing the risks of running late the morning of the wedding). But the one moment that stuck out to me the most was handling a vendor who was haggling with the bride over final pricing. (sigh).


Wedding vendors, read carefully, it is never okay to debate or argue with a Bride on her wedding day about final costs. If your final payment isn't due on the wedding day, this topic should be avoided. And if you do require final payment on the wedding day, you should have a contract and invoice detailing the exact amount for the final payment and sent to the bride (or groom) the day before the wedding. This way you can hash out any misunderstandings or confusion BEFORE the wedding day.

Unfortunately, there was one wedding vendor that insisted on haggling with my dear cousin bride about the final costs for their services. I won't go in to detail, but the vendor was in the wrong. I stood aside and watched this uncomfortable discussion play out for a few minutes, and then stepped in and said, 'Can you honor the difference. I understand blah blah blah, but would you be willing to waive the difference.' To which the vendor (sourly) agreed to.

After this experience I would NEVER recommend this vendor. While their work was good (I'm the one who suggested them), my observation that day left a sour taste in my mouth. So, vendor to vendor, leave the attitudes at the door, do not haggle with a couple on payments on the wedding day, and make sure your assistants are there to ASSIST and not drink your client's fine champagne (<-- YES, that totally happened!)