The Difference Between 'Month of' and 'Day Of' Wedding Coordination


  Month of Coordination

When I launched Beauty and the Details, I offered 3 basic packages; Event Concierge, Partial Planning and Full Planning. I stayed away from fancy names, and didn't want to complicate things with a laundry a-la-carte list. I wanted to keep things simple.

I felt these packages were self-explanatory and easy enough to convey the level of service Beauty and the Details provides to couples. Event concierge was the industry equivalent to 'Day of' wedding services. Meaning, I'd only be needed for those last minute tasks and referrals and of course to manage the wedding day.

Time has gone by and I'm planning more weddings, but there came a moment when I had to reevaluate my package offerings. In doing so, I learned that whether I started from the beginning or came in at the tail end, I put ALOT into wedding planning for my clients. It doesn't matter if I'm triple bidding estimates for 'day of' clients (I stopped that) or creating vision boards for 'partial planning' clients (definitely don't do that anymore...but that doesn't stop me from organizing their Pinterest boards :-) ).

Additionally, 'Day of' planning really begins more than 6 weeks out from the wedding date. However, my couples know that they can reach out to me no matter if their wedding is 2 or 18 months away. So, I offer A LOT of value to each level of my wedding planning clients. Yet, I realized I was doing myself and BatD a disservice by describing my 'Event Concierge' service as 'Day of' when it's so much more.

Hence, I changed it! Event Concierge is no more, and has been replaced with "Month of Coordination". I believe this is, now, an honest reflection of the level of service my couples will receive when they book with Beauty and the Details. My couples know that there's no limit in our communication, and that they can call on me to firm up any of their final wedding planning details. But my focus and approach is on more than just the wedding day, and instead on making sure everything that month is accomplished and leads to your Beautiful Day.