The Bridesmaids Commandments

You've been given the honor to experience an incredible (and hopefully rare) journey with someone near and dear to your heart. Should you accept this honor, please (please!) abide by the following Bridesmaids Commandments: 

  1. Thou shall avail thyself to offer a helping hand! Bridesmaids dress shopping, yes! Bridal dress shopping, I'm there! Helping to plan, organize and set up for the ensuing amount of wedding related events, count me in! 
  2. Humility will be thine middle name! Nary a sound of a complaint, nor a whisper of dread shall escape thine mouth. Because, you understand that availing yourself for this duty means sacrificing a few occasional weekends to put in a helping hand. 
  3. Thou shall be clothed in gracefulness. No matter how stressful/annoying/frustrating the situation, the Bride 100x's more overwhelmed than you can imagine. So, do not show any negative emotion, and try to be the cool/calm collected one no matter the moment.
  4. Thou shall not complain about costs (unless, thou has a VERY GOOD reason). Remember when you accepted this honor? That means, prior to saying 'Yes!', you considered the range of costs (up to $1500) you'd incur throughout this experience.
  5. Thou shall never forget what this moment is truly about. It's not about the cute dress, uncomfortable shoes, and endless celebrations. It's about the journey and the experienced you'll share witnessing the best moment in your loved one's life!