In Your Shoes: Wedding Tip of The Day


@Beauty_andthe_Details (1) Can I be honest with you? I waited until the last minute before deciding on my wedding day stationery! My wedding invitations were designed based on an Etsy template. But the final product was WAY off from the original. And, NO ONE was honest with me about it; except for my printer (who I've worked with for more than half a decade!). He called me up and told me that based on the proof, he didn't think it looked right, and that convinced me to nix it!

I was okay with wasting $25 on just a design. But I wouldn't have been okay with wasting a couple of hundred dollars on printing and mailing and my family giving my invites the side eye.

So, my advice to you is that no matter what, get a printer's proof of your wedding day stationery. No excuses! By reviewing a printer's proof, you can critique not only the look but feel of your wedding stationery. Additionally, you can also scan for any errors or mistakes. (My Big Fat Greek Wedding comes to mind with the mother's name being misspelled as, 'Harry')

Trust me on this one (I know from experience!).

(Hugs) -Renae