In Your Shoes: Planning a Bridal Shower


I think my greatest accomplishment as Matron of Honor was planning my cousin's Bridal Shower. To be honest, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to plan it from day 1! After all, I AM a planner :-) A Bridal Shower is a small scale wedding production and every detail matters from the venue to the food (and even the games). So, here are a few tips to make planning a Bridal Shower a bit easier.

1. Determine who's hosting and set a reasonable budget. The moment you know your bridal party comrades, begin discussing a budget and set a reasonable limit that EVERYONE can contribute. I'd also recommend looping in the bride's mother and Future Mother in law to see if they'd like to participate in planning the shower (or even hosting it themselves). But before you make out the guest list, set the budget and appoint a Hostess (sponsor/s)

2. Get the guest list from the Bride! Ask the Bride for her bridal shower guest list. This is HER event, so she does have a say in who should come and who should stay home. When ever there was a question about who was or wasn't invited, I replied 'this is what the Bride wants'. Case. Closed.

3. It's ALL about the Venue. First impressions are EVERYTHING and you want your guest of honor and guests to immediately be impressed the moment they walk into the venue. Asides from impressions, you want a venue whose ambiance and set up and 90% complete. So, all that you have to do is SHOW Up! All that I had to do was make a simple sign, and 2 floral arrangements, and that was it! Everything else was taken care of!



4. And the food! If all else fails, at least be sure that you're providing your guests with savory and delicious bites to eat. Finger sandwiches are fine, as long as they're something like benecdictine bacon sandwiches :-)

5. Have some Fun!: We planned for 4 games, but because of all the food (and the fact that we began late) we only had time for 3! So, we  made sure that the games were fun but also meaningful (Bridal Shower Bingo) and interactive (making a wedding dress out of newspapers).

Bridal Shower Game