In Your Shoes: Must Take Photo List


Cake Cutting Set Woot! Woot! It's Monday! #MotivationalMonday at that! Today marks the start of a brand new week, and a chance to kick-start your wedding to do list! Whatever's on your list (confirm your catering order, mail save the dates, order your 'something blue') today's your day to make it happen and get 'er done!

If one of those to do's are a photo list for your photographer, well you're in luck! Since much of Beauty and the Details is rooted in my wedding planning experience, and those of others I've helped along the way, so I can not tell you enough the value of a 'Must Have Photo List'. I don't mean a list of those pretty details (that you've probably put your heart and soul into). But instead of those posed portraits with your family and loved ones.

Confession, I don't have a picture of my mom and me on my wedding day! It makes me so teary eyed every time I think of this! But it's true. And, I HAD a wedding photo list, but I didn't give it to my wedding photographer, and no one reminded me to. I had every intention to, but the last time I'd given a photo list to a photographer, I was told I was 'hindering their creativity'. It's a very long story, but in the end, I wound up with no pictures of just my mom and me on my wedding day.

And trust me, get this done and out of the way NOW and not the week of your wedding. The week leading up to your wedding is the craziest and most insane time, and the furthest thing from your mind is a list of people you absolutely must have pictures taken with!

So, where do you begin? What should be on this list? Well, as I said earlier, you're in luck. I've already taken the time to create this list for you. Just print it, and continue adding to the list.

You're welcome, and happy planning!

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