In Your Shoes: Money Saving Tip for Your Wedding Day


Hello There! It's no surprise that weddings can be expensive. Even when you try your BEST to create and stick to a budget, the costs continue to rise.

I can preach a sermon about the many ways you can cut down on costs (i.e. the guest list). But, one really simple way: charger plates!

Before you give me the side eye, hear me out. I know, charger plates add a decorative touch to your tables. They bring instant color or sometimes texture when all else fails. depends on your perspective.

Stay with me here. As a couple viewing tons of table-scape inspiration pictures, you'd think you need a charger plate. However, as a guest at a wedding, you care more about the delicious food on your plate, than the pretty colorful thing underneath it. Seeing what's important in the eyes of your guest’s kind of makes you think twice before shelling out $450 for an impractical plate. (And that's just for the basic ones, not the ultra luxe kind).

If you insist on having them (for the sake of pictures), use charger plates only on your sweetheart and head tables. That way you'll get pretty inspo pictures while saving more money that can be used in other areas (i.e. food or the honeymoon!).