In Your Shoes: 5 Wedding Planning Hacks

BeautyAndTheDetails- Blog I learned a lot from my couples this year. When I was in their shoes, I thought I knew every wedding planning time and money saving trick in the book! But I guess I was wrong. Now, I get to share a few wedding planning hacks taken from real couples this year!


I don't know what rock I was living under before I discovered Canva, but I'm glad that I found 'the light!' That's how AMAZING Canva is! No ghetto-rigged Paint mock ups, and the best part about it is that it's FREE! (Buh-Bye Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign). I am so jealous that I didn't know about Canva when I was wedding planning; oh the possibilities. Since Canva, I've created Wedding Guestbook Posters, Bridal Shower Signs, post cards, letterhead, the list goes on! So, before you become overwhelmed with the plethora of stationery templates on Minted, Etsy, etc, try Canva first (again, it's FREE!).

Rent the Runway

To be honest, your bridal party will never wear that dress again, and neither will you. I don't just mean your wedding dress, but EVERY outfit worn during your wedding weekend. That’s why it’s more sensible to get that super cute Kate Spade dress for $55 as opposed to shelling out $500! Seriously, consider Rent the Runway for your bridal party attire and every cute number you'll be rocking your wedding weekend.

Wedding GMAIL Account

The moment you're engaged, create an email account where all wedding related communication can be directed to.  That way  you and your fiance are looped in on important emails that require bothy your input.

Skip the Cake, and opt for a Donut Bar

Simple snacks or treats that you know are a favorite amongst your guests are worthwhile and more memorable than a slice of cake. Case in point, at one of my most recent weddings, the guests swarmed the Donut Bar AS SOON AS it was opened. By the end of the night I saw more plates of untouched slices of wedding cakes, and just 1/10th of the donuts originally ordered.

Paperless Post

Take it from someone who’s been tasked with counting and recording 100’s of RSVP’s, you’ve got to try Paperless Post! Perhaps this isn’t for those having more formal weddings. However, if you’d like to save time and money with your wedding invitations, information and rsvp inserts, then Paperless Post may be for you!

These are all the great hacks I’ve discovered thus far, but there will ALWAYS be more. Please, if you have a wedding planning hack that you've used and it works, leave it in the comments section!

Until next time (Hugs!)