How: Vendor Roles


It's a scientific fact that a Wedding Planner fairy loses a petal each time the words, 'my venue manager can do that' are spoken.

Nothing brings me more joy than when I'm paired with an AH-MAY-ZING venue manager who runs their team and venue so fluidly. Together, we work miracles! But I will be the first to admit, that I have my limits when a venue manager and venue team are not present (let me tell you about that one time I bussed crates of plates around a hilly estate!).

So, the opposite is only true vice versa.

At the end of the day, a venue manager's primary responsibility is to their venue and employees. Additionally, venue managers oversee various events (and not just weddings). So, in the months leading up to your wedding, a LOT of little details will be needed i.e. someone actually has to schedule your wedding party's beauty services...who do you think? Here's a hint, it will not be your venue manager.

This can be said for everyone on your wedding vendor team. Each person has their role and is responsible for doing their part. However, there is one person who organizes and manages your vendor team. When you photographer needs to know what time to start getting ready photos. It's your wedding planner, reaching out to your hair and and make up artists to determine their schedule, which ultimately informs what time your getting ready photos will begin. And that's just a small piece of it.

An experienced wedding planner is the conductor to your wedding day. They know all the details and expectations for everyone on your vendor team. People on your vendor team will change, but your wedding planner is your constant ace, and will always be by your side and work in your favor and best interest.

So, about the customized bridal party beauty service schedule you'll be needing to provide to your hair, and makeup artists (and these things are constantly changing), you may want to think twice before asking your venue manager for one.