How This All Began...

This week has flown by pretty fast! Just Sunday I was doing a venue walkthrough with one of my 2015 brides, and now it’s Friday! I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun! I'm trying my hand at this 'personal' stuff, to give you all some background into my background. My first ‘job’ (internship) in event planning began 10 years ago (not 6 months after my wedding). I interned at the Black Archives of South Florida, non-profit organization whose mission I was passionate about. My assignment, for the 2 years I worked with them, was assisting with planning their annual event (the second year I was the co-planner). And when I say plan, I mean soup to nuts from designing and laying out the invites, to confirming the vendors (and the Press) and doing day of set up and breakdown! Yes, IT WAS AMAZING!

While in college, I volunteered as an events and marketing assistant with the Rhode Island Black Heritage Society and assisted in their annual event as well. That’s also where I met Viola Davis circa her Get Rich or Die Trying days, (embarrassing picture to follow).

I loved doing event planning for those organizations. But, my career interests took a detour towards project and resource management (which is 85% like wedding planning).

Three years ago,I wanted to get back into event planning. So, I helped a matchmaker with an event, and that lead to me being the planner for another of their New York events! I even helped a few wedding planners with their client's weddings! Just as I was about to dive into more event planning, my number was called and it was time to plan the BIGGEST EVENT of my LIFE (to date!) And you know the rest of the story.

It’s amazing how things come full circle. 10 years ago, I fell in love with event planning and 10 years later life has brought me back to it. A bit more seasoned, a lot less green, and definitely more passionate

Oh, and the picture of me and Viola Davis at the RIBHS Annual Ball (do not hold this picture against me!)

Me with Viola Davis..8 years ago!