How: Hire a Wedding Planner

-Beauty and the Details- You’re probably here because you (or someone you know) are recently engaged.


You’ve probably realized that the dream wedding you’ve had in your head (whether all your life, or these past 5 days) has you overwhelmed with the thought of actually planning it. What’s your date? Have you booked a venue? What’s your budget? What about your bridal party? How are you going to do all these things?

Well, that’s why I’m here!

You need me because I will keep you on track and focused as we plan your big day! I am a timeline queen (thanks to my project management background), and can pivot table the HECK out of an Excel to do list. With an abundance of options and choices, my advice and recommendations will keep you tied to your vision (unless, of course, you just want me to make all the decisions for you, I can do that too!).

I will welcome you and your fiancé into my calming grace! There’s no fire too large, and no emergency too severe for me to handle without breaking a sweat. From sourcing a last minute vendor, to ordering Ubers for your wedding guest; don’t worry I’ll handle it; while you enjoy your wedding day!

If you’re that rare bride (or groom) who can handle all the upfront planning, great! But, you’ll still need someone there on the day of to make sure that your name cards are set up just the way you like, and that your donut table is picture perfect. And, to be honest, your mother/sister/cousin would much rather be by your side, than doing either of those things.

Well, what are you waiting you for? Contact me today! Let’s meet for coffee or a Google Hangout! We’ve got YOUR wedding to plan!