How Do I Do This?

Today’s post is sort of personal. I love writing posts that inspire brides during the planning process. But, I've also realized that there are other planners like myself, who are navigating the waters of formally launching a business. I love following the blogs of semi-new and established wedding planners. Many of the ladies I look to are similar to me (or were). But a fascinating similarity that we all have in commons is that we started off our wedding planning business the same way,  with day jobs.   From Jacin Paige (whom I used to work with) to Kristen Polhemus (also another inspirational wedding planner). I find solace in knowing that balancing my day job with my wedding planning business is a feat that has been done and mastered before.

Though, it’s not really a feat, because wedding planning comes so naturally to me. My first job was an events intern at a non-profit in Miami, and that evolved into a career in project and resource management. So, couples can rest assured knowing that I’m managing various budgets, several expectations and a never ending flow of worst case scenarios all the time.

Another similarity that I've noticed is the role our husbands have played in starting up our businesses. It tickles me every time I see pictures of a wedding planner and her husband working a wedding, because that is SO me and mine! I’m extremely humbled and grateful to have my husband’s support. To be honest, if the hubs wasn't on board, BatD wouldn't be here today. That’s why it’s so special having him by my side in establishing this business.

I’m also learning that growing a successful business doesn't happen overnight. It takes consistency and persistence; and that I intend to have.

I’d be interested in knowing if there are other wedding planners who still have their day jobs? How are you balancing it with your wedding planning business?