@Beauty_andthe_Details (2) Engagement season is upon us (yes!). Which means, I'm getting quite a bit  of emails and phone calls from lovely couples planning their weddings. I LOVE this time of year.

While wedding planning, I encourage all couples to do lots of research. Before booking anything, couples should educate themselves so that they are knowledgeable and prepared. When it comes to hiring a wedding planner, this should be no exception.

What I've been finding is that most couples are unaware of the value of an experienced planner and why they need one. If you only knew the number of times I've heard someone volunteer their mother, sister, maid of honor and venue manager (without their knowledge). I get it, wedding planners provide an intangible service;  one you can not physically see, but whose presence you feel if you're without it.

As much as I love a great mother of the bride/groom, maid/matron of honor, etc, they have their place (which is by YOUR side), and I have mine; our roles do NOT overlap. So, I was inspired to launch a mini-series (and I do mean MINI) to remind you why you need a wedding planner and how essential we are to managing your wedding day.


Most of you have it figured out. You've booked all your vendors and venue, and have everything in order. To you, a wedding planner is unnecessary; so you think. Until I run a scenario by you, one that only my eyes have experienced and your 'been there done that' newlywed friends don't know about. How do you handle it? How do you solve this 'problem' that will crop up and will be ignored by every other vendor because it's not 'their job' (true words spoken to me).

I've tested these scenarios out on bride to be's adamant about not having a wedding planner and have seen a 100% conversion rate (even if they didn't book with me)!

So, the next time you think having a wedding planner is