Happy New Year!

Yay! It’s 2017! I’m personally excited because I’m turning the big 3-0 this year! The new year also means new beginnings and fresh starts, and I need all of that right now!

Can I be honest? I think I did TOO much in 2016! I used to live by the mantra of do as much as you can, but after having personally lived that last year, I’m happy to report that that is not realistic! Doing the most left me drained, tired, and just feeling like I had little or no focus at all!

To recap, while working full time and running BatD, my husband and I brought our first investment property (which was no small feat), launched (and shuttered) a creative collective, ventured into small business investing (which is mentally tiresome) and launched my husband’s financial planning business. Just the thought of these things alone makes me break out in cold sweats!

The saddest and hardest part of last year, though, was having to shutter the creative collective I was so passionate about. Its basis was on encouraging diversity within the wedding industry (because, even our industry is not immune to these issues). Through this collective I wanted to share with other wedding creatives of color the tools and expertise I used to start and get ahead in my business and help guide and mentor them. Because, in the end, I believe that opportunity is what helps anyone become successful no matter their industry and trade. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the demand and interest I’d hoped for, and decided to close the collective.

It was hard, but it helped me in defining my intention(s) for 2017, and one of them is to be focused. To expand, I want to be focused on the things that continue to help me grow. Beauty & the Details will always be my FOCUS! Running this business, and working with my couples have evolved me and helped me grow in so many ways. This year, I want to bring my focus back to BatD and my clients. I love what BatD stands for, and its business model helps me provide the attention and service my couples need. And being focused, allows me to do just that.

Hugs, and Happy New Year!