Getting Married Giveaway


Well, I think it's safe to say that I LOVE Kate Spade (I'm one bag away from an intervention!). But can you blame me? Kate Spade is New York City Mod-Chic (I've also heard that Kate Spade is typical of Westchester ladies!). But you can't go wrong with any bag or accessory from her line! So it's no wonder I love Kate Spade so much, that I'm willing to do a GIVEAWAY! (Cue the Confetti)

That's right, pop the Moet and roll out the cake!

For all the new couples that book any level of service with Beauty and the Details, between now and September, I will gift you your choice of 2 champagne flutes or a cake cutting set from the Kate Spade Bridal Collection. I figured that those are 2 things often left to the last minute, thus adding more stress! Let's scratch one thing off your to-do list, when you book with Beauty and the Details, Wedding Planning! 

Beauty and the Details