Finally Friday!

I can't believe it's Friday! This week has gone by so fast! Well, I have good news ya'll! I did my first wedding of the year! (Carlton Dance!). Let me clarify, this is not my first wedding or event ever! I would have DIED if I were completely new to this! But, my first wedding under Beauty and the Details, and I'm so happy!

My heart is humbled and filled with so much gratitude each time I look back on this wedding day. It was so beautiful! I didn't get a chance to take many photos but thanks to my wonderful assistant (a.k.a the Hubs), he got great shots of some Behind the Scenes action. I was especially elated to work with my wedding day photographer, DreamLight Visuals, again! And once more, Jr. and his team OVER DELIVERED!

It's not easy pulling off a wedding at a private residence; there are SO MANY moving pieces to keep in motion. But, oh my goodness, it all came perfectly together. From the ceremony (no fly away Chuppahs) to the sparkler exit (no one's hair caught afire) Isabel and Kyle's wedding just came together beautifully. Okay, honest honest moment; a tear or 2 may have escaped from my eyes during the ceremony.

I wish I can say that I can take a break and just relax until fall, but that is so untrue! But for now, I'm going to finish Carlton dancing to this milestone, and just basking in the glow of realizing my dreams!

I can't wait to see the photos from DreamLight Visuals, but here are some personal shots from this weekend!

Clock wise from top: The bride and her bridesmaids, me going over the rehearsal, the sparkler exit