Featured : The Westchester Wedding Planner!


TWWPOh-My-Goodness! Stop the Presses! I've reached a personal milestone!

The styled Ballet Shoot I collaborated on in April was featured in The Westchester Wedding Planner! (Winning!)<--That's exactly how I feel.

So, why is this a big deal? It's TWWP, and not SMP, right? This matters so much to me because TWWP is a local and New York publication (check, check, DONE!). Meaning, the couples reading it and planning their weddings live in my back yard (score!). Therefore, I am without a doubt reaching and inspiring my target audience (#boom).

Another great surprise was the invitation to be added to it's curated vendor guide that's not only on their website but in their digital magazine! (Yep, This GIF again) This has been a year long dream of mine since launching BatD a year ago, and now, ahh! It's happening!

I'm so excited about this, and am looking forward to featuring more work in TWWP. Please head over to their blog to fall in love all over again with the romantic ballet shoot!

Have a wonderful and safe weekend!