Featured: MOD Shoot on 100 Layer Cake


Oh, hey there! So, it seems the last time I posted was about the MOD Shoot, hosted by Aida Krgin of The Westchester Wedding Planner. And today's post is about...the MOD Shoot! It was published yesterday by 100 Layer Cake! (YAY!)

I was so elated when I learned the news because it couldn't have come at a more perfect time! You see, I started my wedding season 1 year ago on March 28, 2015. Since then I've done 6 weddings on my own, and assisted in 3 weddings, while managing to squeeze in 2 styled shoots and a full time job. Seeing the styled shoot (the last thing I did for my wedding season) published spoke VOLUMES to me. It felt as though I as a planner and designer have evolved and matured throughout the year, and the shoot is proof of that growth.

It's also a special moment because my wedding season started on a wonderful note, the day before my birthday! So, to have that shoot featured by 100 Layer Cake, AGAIN the Day Before My Birthday, makes it all the more special! It also gives me confirmation that I'm on the right path in pursuing my passion of building Beauty & the Details and growing as wedding planner and designer.

Well, go HERE if you'd like to see the wonderful photos  (captured by Alicia King) of 1 of the table scapes I designed for the shoot. Tomorrow, I'll post my inspiration behind the tablescape.

Take care, and thank you all for your love and continued support!