Confessions of a New York City Wedding Planner

This month, Beauty & the Details turns 2! Unfortunately, I was so happy to finish my 2nd season, that I didn't bother planning a celebration to commemorate this milestone! I'm just grateful to complete another season, and am already in planning mode for next year. If I had known 2 years ago all that I've experienced now as a wedding planner, I would not have seen any difference from my day-to-day. I guess all the skills and personality traits that are necessary for this job come so naturally to me that it's easy for them to transfer over when I'm in planner mode!

You see, planner mode for me is super focused with a laser eye to detail. I try not sweat the small stuff, because I'm making sure the MAJOR things don't miss their beat! To the outside, people think I'm calm and gracious, but inside I'm FREAKING THE HECK out (no, seriously I am!). Freaking out about tipsy bridal parties, musicians who go rogue, speeches that are TOO revealing, and the anxiety that comes from anticipating and being prepared for the worst.

Behind every photo, is the planning, negotiating, swallowing of pride and extreme humbling that comes with working with a sea of personalities to collectively get a moment RIGHT! Being in my shoes, is not glamorous, and sometimes a bit painful (like, for realz! being on your feet for 10-12 hours per day HURTS!). But to my couples, they get the bubbly planner who does weekly check ins, the 2-page questionnaire I bring to venue walk throughs, extreme organization when it comes to creating their timelines, and grace under fire in the extremest of moments.

But I love it, and love what I do!