Boss Lady: Getting Organized

When I started Beauty and the Details, I had a few great tools for keeping organized. The project manager in me survives off of Kick Off Documents, Timelines, Planned v. Actuals budgets, and workflows. And don't get me started on managing the business side of things. I'm constantly updating pipelines and get a little too excited when seeing my Wave Apps Dashboard! Organized


A while back, the lovely Kat Schmoyer from Dear Sweetheart Events shared her version of a Wedding Workflow. A Wedding Workflow is a great system to keep track of your key milestones when planning a client's wedding. Elle Meredith also uses a more detailed version that you can download and personalize (and it's not just for weddings and photography! You can use this for any aspect of your business and life).

I include a mini workflow in a 'logistics' sheet as a part of each client's folder. My logistic's sheet is like my client dashboard, it has high level information pertaining to their wedding, and also includes a high level wedding day timeline.

Also in my client's folder is a 'Client Profile' sheet, which I love!

Client Profile Sheet

It gives me 'The T' (or just more detailed information) for each client's wedding. Actually, I think I'm going to begin using this for my client input form, simply because it's much prettier :-)

Alright, there are a few other things I use (like the AWESOME Asana) to stay organized, but these are the most crucial. Fellow Boss Ladies! How are you staying organized with your wedding business?