Boss Lady Diaries: Advice for New Wedding Planners


Happy Monday Boss Ladies! I did my first Periscope last weekend (yes!). However, while I offered great advice, I decided to take it down. But, I still wanted to share a piece of advice for new wedding planners (or vendors) looking to get wedding day experience.

Before starting BatD, I reached out to a few local planners and venues offering to volunteer on wedding days. I wanted to stay in the game as I got my business off the ground. Unfortunately, nothing panned out but I didn't let that stop me from trying.

After doing my first styled shoot, I made some really great connections with a team of awesome vendors. From this, I've had the opportunity to continue working with them and assisting them on wedding days.

While wedding day set up is not like managing the day from a wedding planner's shoes, it's given me valuable experience. I still get to work with awesome vendors (Networking!) while observing and taking in everything that goes on.

So, my advise to newbie wedding planners is to reach out to a florist or wedding designer and establish a relationship with them that will allow you to assist them whenever they need setup help on wedding days.

Hope this tip helps!