5 Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding


Budget Weddings can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean they have to be for you. There are ways many a bride and groom can save money on their special day. Here’s how:

  1.  The Guest List
    • The Guest list is the biggest budget buster. Many a bride can attest the agony of keeping the guest list in control only to notice a dozen or so no shows on the day of the wedding. To keep your list in check, establish rules in the beginning (i.e. are kids allowed, what constitutes as a ‘plus one’, etc). Another helpful tip, give each side (bride/groom) an equal number of guests to invite.
  2. Timing
    • This may not help for all, but for those with the time on their side should try to book some of their wedding vendors (venue, photographer, florist, wedding planner) more than a year in advance (if possible). Most vendor prices increase yearly, so it will save you to book them in advance when they’re at least 25% lesser than what they’d cost in the future.
  3. Venue (Mo Blanker, Mo Problems)
    • Find a venue that comes with (or discounts) the majority of the items you’d have to rent (chairs, linens, plates, etc.) Or consider going unconventional with your venue. You can have a wedding just as beautiful at alternative venues such as restaurants, local parks, or a family member’s backyard.
  4. Day/Month/Season
    • Industry tip: Daytime/brunch weddings are less expensive than a formal evening wedding. Also, consider the season and month you have your wedding. In some regions of the country, venues offer a discount during peak storm season. If possible, try having your wedding outside of peak wedding season (April-September).
  5. The Budget
    • The most obvious, but sometimes the most overlooked area when couples begin wedding planning. Sure, you can assign a number to your overall wedding budget. But I recommend taking it a step further and breaking out how much to allocate to each aspect of your wedding. Setting a limit on things like food and flowers, will help keep you grounded as you begin recruiting vendors and services.

How are you (or have you) saved money on your wedding budgeT?