5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Beauty & the Details

You've probably read many 'why to hire a wedding planner' articles. Though I may be biased, I'm the first to aggressively suggest you hire a wedding planner. But, why should you hire me? How am I different from every other New York Wedding Planner? Well, I'm glad you asked!

  1. I’ve been in your shoes!
    • Once upon a time, I was a bride to be. Wedding planning was a walk in the park on a rainy day for me! But I loved challenges such as finding a photographer 1 month before my wedding date (ask me about this!) and D.I.Y’ing most of my wedding (i.e. wedding programs, invitations, table numbers). So, when you work with me, you can rest assured that I not only see planning your day from a professional point of view, but I’ll also notice all the nuances that only a bride can; such as reminding you to blot your face throughout your wedding day.
  2. I have an eagle eye for details and will keep your event organized
    • It’s the little details that create a beautiful experience, and not just on your wedding day. I’ll be behind the scenes taking care of logistics that you’ll never notice as you go through your wedding day. For instance, you’ll have your version of a wedding day timeline, but your bridal party and wedding vendors will have their personalized (and more thorough) versions as well.
  3. I’m Budget and DIY Savvy
    • Weddings can be a huge expense. Luckily, I have experience managing multiple budgets, so I know how to help you get the most out of yours. If there’s a D.I.Y project you’d like to try, I’ll roll up my sleeves and help you out or show you how!
  4. I Work with an Awesome Team
    • I’m not going to refer you to just ANY vendor. Remember, I’m not just a wedding planner (read #1). So I know it’s important for you to get along with your vendors before and on your wedding day. Therefore anyone I refer you to, will be incredible to work with professionally and personally!
  5. It’s about the experience
    • Your wedding is not limited to just your wedding day; it’s a number of milestones and events leading up to it. Each moment should be remembered as a wonderful part of the process. At first, wedding planning can seem daunting. But with Beauty and the Details by your side, the experience will be a good one and you’ll be glad that you worked with us.