2015 Goals


Dang it! Just when I was starting to have fun, 2014 has up and left! The first half of this year was spent working on #TheBestDayEver! Which wound up really being the #BestDayof2014! Strozier2014

Sometimes I wish that time would do me a solid and go back to April 12th, 2014. Instead, time has done one better. I'm very happy that Beauty and the Details launched this year. I only had 1 goal when starting off and that was to establish myself (check) and BatD as a trusted vendor and ally for couples getting married (check), (check) and (check). My mind has been blown by the progress I've made in these past 3 months.

That is why I'm so excited and already feel blessed and thankful for what 2015 will have in store for Beauty and the Details. I don't like setting new year's resolutions personally, but as a new business owner it's a must! So here goes:

  1. Continue to establish Beauty and the Details as a trusted resource for couples planning their weddings
  2. Network with local vendors and collaborate on their upcoming projects (after all, a wedding planner is only as strong as her network).
  3. Build readership for Beauty and the Details Blog: I LOVE to write, and my writing will help me to achieve goal # 1
  4. Strengthen expertise for future brides: For example, I'd like to be the go to for brides planning unconventional weddings such as a Brooklyn/Central Park wedding. So, I'm using as much time as possible to prepare myself for those opportunities.

On a personal front, 1 Thessalonians 4:11 will always be personal resolution for 2015. What about you? What are your goals for 2015?  Business and/or Personal?

*Photo courtesy of the lovely Chelsea Erwin.