I Booked A Bride from Craigslist

Eek! I know, who still uses Craigslist? With all the spammers and scammers, and let's not forget to mention the Craigslist killer, why does this thing still exist? Well, from my experience, it wasn't bad at all. Hear me out!

Glamour and Glitz: Pink and Gold Wedding Tablescape

I was honored to design 2 table scapes for The Westchester Wedding Planner Mod Shoot; and both were featured! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how this beauty came to life! Now, I will admit, Pink and Gold weddings are...overdone! BUT! My design is definitely one for the books!

In Your Shoes: Eloping in New York City

New York City Elopment Congratulations! You've decided to ditch the hustle and bustle of a big traditional wedding, and instead get hitched Carrie Bradshaw style in New York's City Hall. Let me be the first to say, "Welcome to the Club".

As someone who eloped herself in NYC, I think I can intimately share a thing or two from experience.

So, are you absolutely, positively, sure you're ready to do this? Okay, here we go:

When's this thing happening? No, honestly, what date do you have in mind? Because that'll make this planning process a lot smoother.

Begin online: City Hall has moved into the 21st century, and now allows you to apply for your marriage license ahead of time. This reduces your wait time when you first come (because you do make 2 trips to City Hall) from 3 hours to 1.5~ish. To pre-apply, go here. Once you've submitted your marriage license application, you have 21 days before it expires to complete the application in person. Follow the instructions on their website and follow all the necessary steps to complete the application.

Don't forget a dress and tie: Just because you're eloping doesn't mean you can't do it in style. But keep it comfortable. Unlike on your wedding day, there's no MOH to hold your dress while you go in the (PUBLIC) lieu.

Speaking of MOH. Yeah, you can still have your BFFs accompany you, but remember, keep the squad levels down. Otherwise, what's the point of eloping?

First come, first married. Living in New York City, eloping to City Hall isn't exactly what some would call a novel idea. So don't be shocked when you arrive circa 2PM and there are 20 other couples ahead of you. To kill the wait, opt for an earlier time in the morning. That way you can be in and out right in a jiffy.

And by Jiffy: I think our marriage ceremony, performed by this guy, lasted about... 3 minutes. From entrance to exit. My wedding processional wasn't even that short! And you say 2 things: I will. I do. Congratulations! You're Married!

Schedule a celebratory Lunch/Dinner. Because you will be hungry after all that waiting.

Lastly, these are totally optional, but do consider getting a bouquet and boutonniere and book a mini session with a photographer for some before and after shots to commemorate the moment. Book these the moment you hit submit on that marriage application, that way it's one less thing to worry about.

When all's said and done, and you're ready to plan the best "Marriage Celebration" bash EVER, Call Me! 

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Planner


Wedding-Advice-Beauty-and-the-details-New-York-Wedding-Planner The other day, my husband came home with a box of blueberries and raspberries. When I saw the box, I immediately knew what it meant; that it was time to make my Summer Berry Tart. I'd have gladly made it, except, he neglected to bring the other ingredients such as the milk, butter and sugar. Oh, and let's not forget the flour. This is typical of my husband, especially when he hints to me to make his favorite dish or dessert! He'll buy the key limes, but not the condensed milk. The apples, and not the crust. The spaghetti, but not the meat (let alone the sauce).

This is similar to couples as they journey down the wedding planning aisle. They have the main ingredient of their wedding day vision, but they sometimes forget (or simply don't know) the details that create the vision. Such as, wanting a floral wall for the reception, but forgetting the amount of time, effort, and costs it takes to create one. Or, loving the idea of rosemary tied napkins, but not loving the idea of paying for the time and labor to individually hand wrap 200 napkins with rosemary.

The same happens as couples begin to think on whether or not they need a wedding planner. You will think you only need a day of coordinator to cover 'just the day of'! But, as it turns out, you also need the advice and counsel of a planner when meeting with florists, doing a venue walk through, and collaborating with the photographer, make up artists and hair stylist on the pre-ceremony timeline. How do you suppose a 'Day of Coordinator' can do ALL of that on JUST the day of?

A wedding planner, like Beauty and the Details, has the knowledge of what goes into planning a wedding day. That is why I partner with you early on in the planning process, to guide you along each decision, ensuring that every detail is curated to match the vision you have in mind. And it's not just flowers, and decor. As a wedding planner, I also advise on how your wedding day flows to create a memorable experience for you and your guests. I'm also behind the scenes, the days leading up and on your wedding day dealing with berating guests, and rogue DJ's, so that you don't have to.

Like trying to make a berry tart, with only the berries, it's impossible to thoughtfully and logistically coordinate a wedding day as a Day of Coordinator. And is why you should hire Beauty and the Details, because I know the ingredients needed to make your wedding day vision into a reality.

In Your Shoes: 5 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Day Beauty Beauty Stylist


I thought it'd be helpful to share today 5 questions every Bride should ask her hairstylist and/or make up artist! When I was in your shoes, I probably interviewed DOZENS of hair and makeup artists, and the more I researched, the dizzier my head felt absorbing so much information. It took me a while before I finally realized the simplicity in finding someone who could do both my hair and makeup. So, I reached out to Olga, of Color of Fashions, a fellow New York City Wedding Vendor, to give some advice to you brides before you book your wedding day beauty stylist.

How long should a bride book her makeup and hair stylist before her wedding? At least 3-4 months before the wedding and if possible 6 months. Brides should do their research for makeup artists and hairstylists.  If possible, they should try to find a stylist that does both makeup and hair; which can be convenient. (If the bride has a medium to big bridal party) they should ask if the stylist has an assistant or someone that works with them.

What should the bride base their search when looking for a makeup artist & hairstylist? The bride  should look at a stylist's/makeup artist's work, reviews website and pricing.  They should not base the artist's work just on pricing.  Bride's should look at the whole picture.  Possibly, the artist can give the bride a discount/packaged deal if there are a lot of people in the bridal party or possible last minute planning.  Another factor is to find a makeup artist that does both makeup and hair.  That way, you get 2 people for the price of one!  It can be difficult to arrange for a hair and makeup trial at the same time and the bride never has the full picture of her wedding day look.  That's why it's more convenient to get an artist that does both, but again that is up to the bride as to what she will find when searching for an artist.

Why is it extremely important a bride should do a trial with an artist(s) before their wedding? The bride should do a trial with the artist so that on the day of the wedding the artist knows what makeup to put on the bride and what hairstyle to do.  Time will not be wasted. From my experience, when there isn't a trial, and the artist only has a picture to go off on, chances are that the Bride may not like the finished result. Thus taking more time to perfect her wedding day look (which can impact your wedding day schedule). Whereas with a trial, the Bride is given as much time as she likes to alter a style or makeup look if she's not initially  satisfied. It should be a 'must' that bride's have a trial so no time is wasted on the day of the wedding.  Having a trial, makes hairstyling and makeup go very smoothly as the artist is prepared and no time is wasted.

How many trials should a bride do? If their budget permits, the bride should pick at least 2-3 artists to have a trial with.  If the bride is happy with the first trial with the first person they pick then it's up to the bride to not go with another artist and just stick with the first one.  Everyone is different as to what and how many trials to have, but it's what the bride chooses.  If they want to compare the work from one artist to another, then 2 is the most and acceptable to do.

What type of makeup should the bride choose for their wedding day, regular traditional makeup or airbrush? A bride should get quotes from the makeup artist for traditional makeup and airbrush.  Regular traditional makeup is from a bottle (Mac, Smashbox, Revlon) and airbrush makeup is from a compressor with a hose and airbrush gun that uses water-based makeup and lasts 12-16hrs. The bride can spend on an artist as to  what is within their budget & should choose accordingly.  Airbrush makeup is known to be more flawless and very good in pictures.  It may be a little expensive depending on what the artist charges, but it's well worth it at the end as it will be a lifetime to remember your pictures as how beautiful you looked.

Thank you Olga, for the wonderful advice!

Getting Married Giveaway


Well, I think it's safe to say that I LOVE Kate Spade (I'm one bag away from an intervention!). But can you blame me? Kate Spade is New York City Mod-Chic (I've also heard that Kate Spade is typical of Westchester ladies!). But you can't go wrong with any bag or accessory from her line! So it's no wonder I love Kate Spade so much, that I'm willing to do a GIVEAWAY! (Cue the Confetti)

That's right, pop the Moet and roll out the cake!

For all the new couples that book any level of service with Beauty and the Details, between now and September, I will gift you your choice of 2 champagne flutes or a cake cutting set from the Kate Spade Bridal Collection. I figured that those are 2 things often left to the last minute, thus adding more stress! Let's scratch one thing off your to-do list, when you book with Beauty and the Details, Wedding Planning! 

Beauty and the Details

Featured: Grey Likes Weddings

Today has been an INCREDIBLE day for me! First, I passed my road test (don't judge me!) :-) But this has been 9 years in the making! The first (and last) time I took my road test, I failed within 2 minutes :-(. And now, here I stand today with my License! Woot! Woot! Then, today I saw that Kaci and Nick's beautiful Highlands Country Club Wedding was featured on Grey Like's Weddings! (YAY!!!).

For some swoonworthy reading, head over to Grey Likes Weddings, right now!